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Course Syllabi by Teacher

Course Syllabi by Teacher

The following is a list of class syllabi by teacher – the list is currently under construction, so if a class syllabus is missing, please contact the teacher through the Faculty Directory to obtain a copy.


Allman, Eric


Physical Science CP


Arnwine, Anna

English I (9th)

Honors English I (9th)



Bowers, Craig

Basic Maintenance & Light Repair (1)

Basic Maintenance & Light Repair (2)

Basic Maintenance & Light Repair (3)

Basic Maintenance & Light Repair (4)


Bowers, Travis

Introduction to Collision Repair

Non Structural Systems 2

Non Structural Systems Dual Enrollment

Paint Refinishing


Brewster, Cameron

Honors Biology


Brewster, Katie

Honors Algebra I


Bridwell, Brandi

AP Chemistry

Dual Enrollment Chemistry

Honors Chemistry


Brown, Grant

Algebra I/Honors Algebra I


Bryan, Margaret

Nutrition Across the Lifespan

Nutrition Science and Diet Therapy

Personal Finance


Bryant, Susan/

Tubman, Nicole

Niswonger Online Courses Contract


Byrd, Ashley

AP US History

Honors US History


Cartwright, Diane

Culinary Arts I

Culinary Arts II

Culinary Arts III


Cito, Denise

Introduction to Business and Marketing

Marketing I


Work Based Learning


Cockrell, Lauren

ACT Prep

English III (11th)

Honors English III (11th)


Comerford, Terry

English IV (12th)


Cox, Kelly


Honors Physics


Crase, Rod

English II (10th)


Cuellar, Ruth

Spanish I

Honors Spanish I

Honors Spanish II


Dalbey, Sarah

Concert Choir

Cherokee Singers

Guitar/Intro. To Fine Arts

Music Theory


Davis, Brittany


Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture

Dual Credit Plant Science/Greenhouse Management


Davis, Will

Computer Science




Demko, Diane

Dual Enrollment Math


Dickey, Karen

AP Calculus AB


Galloway, Jeff



Hammond, Melanie

Art I

Art II


Headrick, Abbie/

Betts, Catherine

United Sound

Advanced Band


Innis, Ashton

Honors Algebra I


Jaynes, Rodney

Principles of Manufacturing

Mechatronics I

Mechatronics II


Howard, Jason/

Ray, Matt/

South, Taylor

Heath & Wellness


Jacobs, Jordan

Honors Algebra 2

Algebra 2


Jaynes, Rodney

Principles of Manufacturing

Mechatronics I

Mechatronics II


Jones, Frederick

RTI Cherokee Experience


Jones, Nancy

Medical Therapeutics

Anatomy and Physiology

Clinical Internship


Kempster, Christine



Kyle, Brian

US History

Honors US History


Layman, Michelle

Computer Applications

Business Communications

Advanced Computer Applications

Work Based Learning


Ledford, Doretha

Cosmetology I

Cosmetology II

Cosmetology III


Mashburn, Kathy

RTI Cherokee Experience

Class Procedures


McPhail, Tim

English III (11th)


Miller, Karson

Emergency Medical Services

Health Science


Monroe, Josh

Honors Chemistry


Morris, Taylor


Small Animal Care

Vet Science


Moses, Jessica

AP Human Geography


Quirk, Jerry

Contemporary Issues

US Government and Civics


Rabine, Matt

US History

World History


Ratti, Jillian

AP English Language & Composition

Honors English II (10th)


Ray, Adam

Algebra 1


Ray, Susan


AP Psychology


Roberts, Jake

Honors World History

World History


Roderick, Katie

Production I

Production II

Production III


Rogers, Mark

Algebra A

Geometry A


Rucker, Ariana

French I

French II


Shaver, Scott

Principles of Agricultural Mechanics

Agriculture Power Equipment


Large Animal Science


Simbeck, Nathan

Personal Finance


Skidmore, Chris

Biology A


Talkington, Elizabeth

Introduction to Human Studies

Standards and Course Descriptions


Toomey, Chase

Honors Algebra 2



Trent, Henry



Tubman, Behn

World History


Wilson, Stacey

Principles of Manufacturing

Principles of Machining I

Principles of Machining II


Woody, Daniel

Fundamentals of Construction

Structural Systems 1

Structural Systems 2

Work Based Learning


Yates, Blair

AP Literature and Composition

English III (11th)

Honors English III (11th)


Zuzart, Natalie

Algebra 2

Honors Algebra 2

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