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Dual Enrollment

This page will explain the many benefits, specific requirements, and procedures for enrolling in dual enrollment courses. Students at McMinn County High School have the opportunity to take college courses through Cleveland State Community College, Tennessee College of Applied Technology—Athens, and Tennessee Wesleyan University. We offer several general education courses and career/technical courses on campus. Seniors, with approval, may take off campus courses at TWU.




1.  Provides an introduction to college-level work and expectations.

2.  Earn college credit. Credit accepted by most colleges and universities for general education classes, such as English, Biology, Psychology, and Mathematics courses. Please visit the specific College/University’s website to see it’s transfer credit policy. For dual courses taught through the Vocational/Technical Department, the student will need to check with their high school instructor to determine how the credit transfers.

3. Grants are available to students which makes taking DE courses affordable. To learn more about DE grants, please click on this link:

4.  Additional Quality Pride Point value (.025) for a passing grade per semester is added to a student’s final weighted grade point average. (Students may only receive Quality Pride points for up to 14 semesters of combined EPSO courses. Please refer to school board policy 4.602.)



  • Student must be a junior or senior
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Be on track for graduation
  • Meet the ACT criteria. Have an ACT sub-test score of 18 or higher in English, 19 or higher in Math and Reading in the subject you wish to take. Comparable SAT scores are accepted. **If you do not have the ACT score, you may take the ACCUPLACER with Cleveland State. **
  • Complete registration packet and pay any remaining tuition or fees by deadline.
  • Maintain a B average in the DE course(s) in order to qualify for DE grants the following semester.
  • Seniors taking off campus courses at TWU will need to complete the off campus request form and return to the counseling office by May 15th. Off campus requests must be approved by principal.
  • Immediately report any changes such as dropping a class to your school counselor.


While taking Dual Enrollment Courses is relatively inexpensive when compared to normal college credit hours, there are some expenses involved. Qualifying students will receive dual enrollment grant scholarships. However, if you are taking two courses each semester, then you will have to pay something towards tuition second semester since dual enrollment grant #3 covers only $200 and grant #4 covers $0.  Almost all courses will require the purchase or rental of a textbook or lab fees. McMinn County High School is able to offer assistance to students with scheduling, admissions, and grant applications. However, payment of college tuition, educators’ discounts, and other financial questions are the responsibility of the parents and students and are private matters between the family and the college/university. Therefore, McMinn County High School faculty and staff cannot enter into financial discussions.


**You may also call the Cleveland State-Athens Campus to schedule an appointment at

(423) 745-8486.


Current juniors who plan on taking dual enrollment math, English, and/or chemistry will pre-register for classes on May 4, 2021 between 8:30 - 11:30 AM. Current sophomores who will be taking DE chemistry will also need to register. You will complete your college and dual enrollment grant applications. Please bring your laptop and know your social security number. Virtual students will come in through the front office. We will make announcements for students at school to report to the cafeteria. Parents may attend if they would like to, but not required; please sign in through the front office. 

Students, please check your school email for more information. 

Cafeteria-- 8:30 - 10:30 AM  & New Conference Room-- 10:30 - 11:30 AM


  1. Rising seniors are registering for DE English (Composition I), DE Math (Algebra, Statistics, PreCalculus, Calculus), and/or DE Chemistry.
  2. Rising juniors are registering for DE Chemistry.



Current juniors who plan on taking dual enrollment courses at the TWU campus will register for courses on Monday, May 17th between 9 – 11:30 AM in the Library. Please bring your laptop. Virtual students will come in through the front office. We will make announcements for students at school to report to the library. Parents may attend if they would like to, but not required; please sign in through the front office. 

Please complete your Off Campus Request form and return to the guidance office or email to Mrs. Newton ( by May 17th. We have hard copies of the form in guidance. You will need principal approval to take off campus courses.