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Tri-M National Music Honor Society

Tri-M Music Honor Society

MCHS Chapter #6138

Chapter Sponsor: Sarah Dalbey

Chapter Officers: TBD


Congratulations to the following students for their acceptance into this year’s chapter of Tri-M Music Honor’s Society, both returning and new members:

Emma Brown

Hannah Burroughs

Merrell Burroughs

Amanda Cordova

Jackie Dodd

Brayden Hyde

Jalynn Lane

Jade Lavariega

Charity Lawson

Brettany Lee

Keely McDonald

Rachel Murray

Kalyn Nunley

David Perkins

Angelleana Shawley

AJ Rhodes

Violet Roe

Caleb Walker

Michael Webb

Jade Wilson



We, the members of the McMinn County High School Music Department, in an effort to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, encourage the desire to serve, and promote leadership in the music students of our school, are dedicated to bring music to the forefront of our school and community.


  • Provide an appropriate method for recognizing the musical achievements of our members
  • Strengthen our school’s music program
  • Help our members reach their full musical potential
  • Motivate and recognize our members’ musical and personal achievements, credits, and grades
  • Encourage our members to work together toward the same goal
  • Inspire and challenge our members
  • Focus on public attention on our school’s music program through community service