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Agriculture and Animal Sciences

Instructor: Mr. Clint Crisp

Agricultural Engineering and Applied Technology - Agricultural Engineering and Applied Technology classes gives students the opportunity to learn repair and maintenance skills for the farm and home. The courses in this pathway include project planning, woodworking, welding, electrical system, surveying, small engines, and agriculture equipment repair. Students taking this pathway pursue careers in small engine repair, welding, engineering, agricultural design and research, maintenance, and agriculture mechanics.


Principles of Agricultural Mechanics

Agricultural Power and Equipment 


Instructor: Mrs. Brittany Davis

Horticulture - Within the agriculture department, we have the horticulture science pathway. This pathway prepares students for careers in greenhouse management, landscape design, turf management, and plant growth and care, through tasks such as germinating and propagating plants, managing the school greenhouse, and producing lettuce for the school cafeteria. Students learn valuable skills such as communication and leadership skills, learning how to effectively run a business, and improving school facilities. By taking courses in this pathway, students can be involved in the National FFA Organization, which is the largest student-led organization, preparing with valuable life skills both in and out of the agriculture industry.


Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture 

Greenhouse Management


Instructor: Mrs. Taylor Morris and Mr. Clint Crisp

Veterinary and Animal Science - In our animal science program students learn responsibility for small animals and large animals. Small animal class covers how to properly take care of companion animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits, and reptiles. Our Large animal class consist of learning how to care for farm animals such as cows, horses, pigs and chickens. After completion of these two classes students have to opportunity to take the Vet science course, in this course students not only learn how to diagnose animal diseases and treatments but how vet offices are successfully run.


Small Animal Science

Large Animal Science

Veterinary Science