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Maintenance and Manufacturing

Instructor: Mr. Stacy Wilson

Advanced Manufacturing – An introduction to the World of Manufacturing branches out into Machining and then to Welding. The job market has never been any more open for good skilled workers. Pay can be on average from $20 to $60 per hour or more given the location. This is a wide-open field for ambitious and capable students!

Principles of Manufacturing

Principles of Machining I

Principles of Machining II


Instructor: Mr. Craig Bowers

MLR - Maintenance and Light Repair emphasizes beginning transportation service skills and workplace success skills. Students study safety, tools, equipment, shop operations, basic engine fundamentals, and basic technician skills. Upon completion of MLR courses students may enter the automotive service industry as an entry level technician. 


Maintenance and Light Repair 1

Maintenance and Light Repair 2

Maintenance and Light Repair 3