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Culinary Arts and Nutrition

Instructor: Mrs. Diane Cartwright

Culinary - Culinary Arts is designed for students to gain experience and knowledge to prepare for a career in the culinary industry. Students learn about safety, sanitation, knife skills, food preparation techniques, as well as cooking techniques. All students enrolled in Culinary Arts are members of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and have the opportunity to join at the state level and participate in STAR Events and FCCLA State Leadership Conference.


Mrs. Margaret Bryan

Dietetics and Nutrition - Students in this program of study, investigate nutritional requirements and issues, nutrients and their relation to disease, and disease prevention. In the class Nutrition Across the Lifespan, students will focus on meal planning, choosing foods that will meet growth and nutritional needs as well as learn about using recipes, preparation techniques and appropriate cooking methods. In the class Nutrition Science and Diet Therapy, students will have the opportunity to dual enroll with MTSU for a semester and earn a three-hour college Science credit. Students will learn the various nutrients and their relation to disease. In addition, students will plan healthy diets based upon case studies that will allow them to apply their Nutritional knowledge. In both classes, students will prepare and serve the meals they have planned. Members are actively involved in the community by volunteering as well as participating in STAR events.