Senior Page


  • To apply go to TN Promise

    • You have to create an account & then apply for the TN Promise Scholarship. You will receive an email once you apply successfully. 

  • Instructions on how to apply

  • If you need assistance, go to this website

    • Toll Free: 1.800.342.1663

    • Live Chat is a quicker way of getting assistance.

FAFSA Deadlines

GRADUATION INFORMATION (Information has not been updated for the Class of 2023)

Seniors, please complete the following surveys if they apply to you. We need to know where to send your final transcript and what your plans are after high school. Final transcripts will be mailed out at the end of May. Also, student athletes who will be playing a college sport in the fall or next spring will need to complete the senior athlete survey as well. Thank you!

Please complete by May (TBD).